About us

The team behind Bellita has its roots in some of Bristol’s best-loved restaurants, from Rocinantes tapas bar in 1988 to Bell’s Diner & Bar Rooms, opened in 2013.

Stints in the kitchens at Moro and St John have also informed our style of food, while our carefully chosen list of drinks, including a wine list that features wines exclusively made by women, reflects years of enthusiastic imbibing all around the world.

We opened in October 2015 and we’re delighted to be back in this neighbourhood with a new generation on board. Times may have changed but the important things in life still hold true: convivial eating, cheerful drinking and having a really good time. Bristol has become famous for its brilliant food scene, led by so many great independent operators, and we're very proud to be a part of it. 

Welcome to Bellita.

They say that all publicity is good publicity. We're happy to say that the publicity we've had has been pretty good. Here's Marina O'Loughlin's review in the Guardian, and what Mark Taylor said in the Bristol Post. We've also had nice words said about us in Delicious, Olive, Bristol 24/7 and the Financial Times. And the Sunday Times has named us as one of the UK's best bars for wine. 

We were very thrilled to be awarded Best Tapas in the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016 and we've been recommended in the Waitrose Good Food Guide and in the Michelin Guide 2017.