Our compact list of drinks reflects our love of the classics as well as unexpected surprises. Shims and shrubs are our current favourite sharpeners and we make them here on site, but there are more traditional snifters we hope you will like too.

All the wines on our list are made by female winemakers. Why? Well, why not? The wine world is heavily dominated by men but there are growing numbers of women doing great things with grapes and our list is a celebration of some of the best. Several have been doing it for decades; others are newer to the game - we think all our wines have a certain feminine finesse and lightness of touch which sit well with our personality and with our food. 

And because we like people to drink well but affordably, we add a modest cash margin rather than the usual restaurant mark up, so our wines offer brilliant value for money. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

See our drinks menu here.


As part of the Bristol Food Connections Festival we're celebrating the aperitif - those drinks that mark that special drinking moment before we get down to the business of lunch or dinner. 

Vermouths are our current favourites and we have the largest collection in Bristol  - join us for Aperitif Time throughout the festival and taste those we think are the very best.

Details here.