Our compact list of drinks reflects our love of the classics as well as unexpected surprises. Shims and shrubs are our current favourite sharpeners and we make them here on site, but there are more traditional snifters we hope you will like too.

All the wines on our list are made by female winemakers. Why? Well, why not? The wine world is heavily dominated by men but there are growing numbers of women doing great things with grapes and our list is a celebration of some of the best. Several have been doing it for decades; others are newer to the game - we think all our wines have a certain feminine finesse and lightness of touch which sit well with our personality and with our food. 

And because we like people to drink well but affordably, we add a modest cash margin rather than the usual restaurant mark up, so our wines offer brilliant value for money. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

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Wednesday 28 June 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Nothing says summer like a G&T and for so many of us it’s the go-to drink that always hits the spot. While there are ever-increasing numbers of gins out there to suit all palates, when it comes to the tonic most of us stick to what we know. 

But the tonic water world is changing with some weird and wonderful flavours being made by some great independent producers and opening up a whole new world of G&T options.     

We’re teaming up with our friends at Portobello Road, whose brilliant No. 171 is our house gin. They distill an ever-changing range of astonishing gins at their eponymous home in London and they’re bringing an exclusive range for us to try. We’ll be mixing these up with an array of different tonics featuring flavours including watermelon, cherry blossom, hibiscus, pink peppercorn, cardamom, cinnamon, liquorice and, erm, chocolate. 

Join us for this jolly evening when Portobello’s fabulous gins and these terrific tonics will flow generously alongside some gin-friendly food - expect the unexpected and don’t drive home. 

Tickets are £20 and are strictly limited so do book soon. Guests who’d like to book a table for supper afterwards will receive 10% discount on their food. 

We’d like to thank Double Dutch, Thomas Henry, Ledger's TonicsMerchants Heart and Peter Spanton for generously supplying their tonic waters for this great event.