Top 4 Swimming Pool Chemicals For Sale

TCCA Chlorine for pool treatment
TCCA Chlorine for pool treatment

Swimming after a long day is a great way to relax whether in a private setting or public swimming pools. Both children and adults enjoy swimming during summer or spring and it’s important that swimming pools are sparkling clean at all times.

Swimming pools require specializes care to ensure they are clean, safe and serve you for long without replacing your swimming pool heaters and pumps.

At FENGBAI CHEMICAL , we are the leading sellers of swimming pool chemicals. We have a wide range of chemicals which are particularly important to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria which tend to increase during summer.

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You are in the right place if you are looking for a reliable swimming pool chemicals supplier for just general maintenance or opening your pool ready for summer. Here are a list of swimming pool chemicals for sale in our store:


Algae may have caused your pool to turn green and if you are wondering how to clear it up, then purchase a flocculant which will quickly clump particles at the bottom for easier vacuuming. Consider purchasing an Algaecide from us if you are closing your pool for extended periods of time to clear up the algae menace from your pool. Algae particles will be suspended in water for easier filtering leaving your swimming pool clean and safe for use.

Tile & Line Cleaner

We have a specially formulated tile and line cleaner for your swimming pool which leaves it looking shiny and ready for your summer season. Calcium build up can cause your swimming pool to look old and dirty but we have the right fix for you. Purchase our stain and scale inhibitor to clear up the stain from your pool walls.


Chlorine is also a top product in our swimming pool chemicals for sale list as it is a powerful disinfectant. We have the chemical in solid and liquid forms depending on your liking. TCCA chlorine is the solid form while calcium hypochlorite is the liquid form of the product. Chlorine helps protect the swimmers skin from infections, waterborne illnesses as swell as swimmer’s  ear. You may consider purchasing bromide, in place of chlorine as it serves the same purpose.

TCCA Chlorine for pool treatment

Water Balancers

We have premium quality water balancers that ensure your swimming pool has a balanced PH and the pool is crystal clear. Purchase our water balancers either Soda Ash or Dry Acid today and say bye bye to heavily scaled and green swimming pools and hello to a healthy balanced pool.

Non chlorine swimming pool chemicals for sale at [company name]. Yes, that’s right.  We have products that serves as alternatives to the usual chlorine and bromide disinfectants. Best thing about it is that you can open the pool after an hour of the non chlorine treatment.

It is important to handle the swimming pool chemicals with caution by using the correct amounts.  We provide a detailed guideline on how to use our swimming pool chemicals to maintain clean and safe swimming pools.