Top 8!Industrial Applications Of Sodium Hexametaphosphate

25kg sodium hexametaphosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) is an inorganic, white phosphate salt also known as Calgon. It’s represented by the formula (NaPO3). Granular and plated sodium hexametaphosphate is produced in liquid and powder formulations ready for distribution. Industrial grade SHMP is used in water softening, cleaning products manufacturing and dental products manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agriculture, bio-augmentation,oil drilling, mining, power generation, textile, robotics and waste water treatment industries.

SHMP properties

–  Odourless

–  PH of between 5.7-7.3

–  Melting point of 1184F.

– Crystalline white powder.

– Soluble in water and insoluble in organic solvent

– Highly hygroscopic and absorb moisture gradually to form a viscous jelly.

– Forms soluble chelate with metallic ions

SHMP Powder

Applications Of Industrial Grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Most of the industrial application of the SHMP are possible since it acts as dispersing agent, an emulsifier, a suspending agent, a surfactant and a buffering agent. Below are the common uses of industrial grade sodium hexametaphosphate:

  1. Combined with stpp chemical, SHMP is used in the oil drilling industry to prevent the drilling pipe from rusting and control the flow of the oil drilling mud
  2. Used in the paper making industry as an inorganic salt dispersant to achieve paper uniformity, softness and strength. When added to the slurry, SMHP produces high quality pulp which in return ensures high quality production.
  3. In the metallurgy industry, sodium hexametaphosphate is used to extend the lfe of the steelmaking converter if sprayed under controlled temperature and pressure. It chelates with divalent metal ions in the solution to form a polyelectrolytes which are positively charged. These polyelectrolytes form a dense and continuous film once they are adsorbed on the metal surfaces. The film has anti-corrosion property hence prevent corrosion currents.
  4. Used in the Ceramics industry for the production of clay bases ceramic particles due to it’s  deflocculant properties.
  5. Used in soil texture assessment due to it’sdispersing agent properties. It helps in the breakdown of clay and other soil types during the soil analysis procedure.
  6. In the dental products industry, it plays a role as an active ingredient in toothpastes to help protect teeth from stains and tartar formation and also acts as a teeth whitening agent.
  7. Used in the water treatment industries as a scale inhibitor, prevents formation of biofilm and corrosion on pipes during water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis and Nano-filtration technologies. It also uses to reduce water hardness is in water boilers.
  8. Used in the textile industry as a  water softener during dyeing process. Used in the production of dyes, color film and titanium dioxide.


Packed in 25kg bags with a polythene liner to prevent moisture damage due to its high absorbency nature.

25kg sodium hexametaphosphate


Store in a dry, well ventilated space as it absorbs moisture which could result to caking of the powder.


When handling the sodium hexametaphosphate, exercise great care since prolonged exposure has side effects to the human health. Can cause dizziness, eye irritation, low blood pressure and headache. Wear protective clothing when handling the product for prolonged periods.

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